About Quetzal IT Solutions

Founded on July 17th, 2023, Quetzal IT Solutions is a visionary technology company nestled in the heart of Vernal, UT, and proudly established by Alfredo Rodriguez—a passionate tech enthusiast hailing from Mexico. Our roots run deep, drawing inspiration from the vibrant heritage and untapped potential of Latin America.

As a locally owned and operated enterprise, we are driven by a singular belief: in the beauty and power of technology to transcend boundaries, uplift communities, and forge connections. Guided by this ethos, we are on a mission to bridge the digital divide, delivering cutting-edge IT solutions to both urban and rural areas. Our commitment to excellence and inclusivity fuels our every endeavor, ensuring that technological empowerment knows no boundaries.

At Quetzal IT Solutions, we embrace our Mexican heritage with pride, infusing innovation with culture to create a transformative synergy. Our unwavering dedication to empowering individuals and businesses propels us forward, as we craft a brighter, more interconnected future. Join us as we harness the potential of technology to weave together stories of progress, unity, and success.


Revolutionize the IT landscape by delivering cutting-edge technology services that transcend geographical boundaries. We are dedicated to providing top-tier IT solutions in both rural and urban areas, enhancing efficiency, productivity, and connectivity. Rooted in our Hispanic heritage, we cultivate a culture of collaboration, diversity, and empowerment, fostering an environment where every individual, regardless of their background, can thrive and contribute to the technological advancement of society

Be the transformative bridge by empowering Communities, Connecting Futures: We envision a digitally inclusive world where technology bridges gaps between rural and urban areas.



Empowering Progress, Uniting Horizons

Quetzal, a little bit of our History, our Heritage

In Mexican culture, Quetzalcoatl, the revered 'Feathered Serpent' deity, symbolizes balance, wisdom, and the connection between earthly and divine realms. Quetzals, the resplendent birds of Central America, embody natural beauty and freedom. Both Quetzalcoatl and quetzals hold deep significance, representing Mexico's ancient heritage and spirituality.

At Quetzal IT Solutions, we draw inspiration from these cultural icons. Our company name not only pays homage to these symbols but also reflects our commitment to bridging gaps between rural and urban areas. We embrace Mexico's rich cultural tapestry, valuing diversity and unity. Like Quetzalcoatl and quetzals, we strive to connect technology and tradition, empowering communities and fostering growth while preserving the essence of Mexican heritage that's vital to our identity.

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